The Legacy of Lemuria, Connection Retreat in Equinox

From March 16 to 23

8 days - 7 nights


This is a retreat / pilgrimage that will change your life.

Come and connect with the magic of Lemuria by visiting Easter Island in the celebration of Equinox. Enjoy typical meals, conscious trekking with our native island guide, meditations, bowls sounds, ancestral dances, ceremonies and Lemurian connection.

Visit sacred places little explored, where the mysteries of Lemuria and their ancestors, wait for you to be revealed.


The history of Rapa Nui Island, ubicated in the middle of South Pacific Ocean, has always been sorrounded by a mystery halo, being one of the most remote and enigmatic places of the world. So much has been especulated about the origins of the civilization that one day was able to sculpt y stand up the most impressive stones monuments known at the moment, the Moais. And the truth is that litte bit is known with certainty about the creation of Rapa Nui town, when did the island begin to be populated and from where did its first inhabitants arrive.

The Rapanui believed that the most importan people’s “Mana” (Spiritual energy) continued exists after their death, and haved the capacity to influence the events long after of their decease, belief  that became tangible in the Moais’ construction. The locals talks about their connection with the Stars brothers and in their cosmovision can see the direct relation between the Orion and Pleiades constellations.


As the others platforms of the island, between them the solitary Moai of “Ahu Huri” to “Arenga”, the “Ahu Akivi” was constructed follows a precise astronomic orientation. In this way they controlled the change of seasons y the most indicate moments for agricultural tasks.

In Akivi the platform axis was oriented from north to south, getting the Moai’s faces looks exactly to the point where the sun goes down during the Austral spring equinox (Sept 21) and behind them confront the sun at the rise during the autumn equinoxe (March 21).

To the Rapa Nui’s inhabitants, the Pleiades indicated the beginning of the year in the month of “Anakena” when they left at dawn and and they marked in their last vision of the afternoon the Hora Nui’s station, the best of the year, when it’s opened the fish season and make rituals in honor of the ancestors in front to Ahus with their Moais, forbid the war. Orion also mark the beginning of the year and the start of the principal holidays of the island with the “Paina”, around the first summer’s moon


Lemuria is a great “lost” civilization. Its inhabitants achieves access to great advances in many matters, as the spirituality, sciences, geometrym arts, alchemy, among others. The Lemuria’s continent included a great part of the Pacific ocean and one oth that places is Rapa Nui.

The island, counts with the fresh memories of this civilization, in each one of it magic corners, we will can enter in the lost history of Lemuria.

 Day 1 – Friday, March 16 

·     Reception with flowers necklaces in the Airport, transfer to acommodation and lunch in restaurant.

·     Arrival at the hotel.

·     Tahai, Sunset; in this place we can see the sun goes down behind the Moais. Welcome ceremony with Agustín Delfín and Fernando Icka, after that meditation with Sun salutation with gustín Delfín.

·     20:30 hrs. Dinner at restaurant.


Day 2 – Saturday, March 17

·     Breakfast at the hotel.

·     Full day tour: departure at 10:00 Hrs. Visiting Aka Hanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Te Pito Kura y Anakena, Thankful ceremony to the water and Lemuria connection meditation with Agustín Delfín.

·     17:30 Hrs. Return at the hotel.

·     20:00Hrs.  Dinner at restaurant.


 Day 3 - Sunday, March 18                            

·     Breakfast at the hotel.

·     Full day tour “Orongo”: Departure of the cabins at 10:00 h

·     Visits to Ana Kai Tangata, Hanga Roa lookout, Orongo, picnic in Vai A Tare.

·       Meditation at the King Hotu Matuá’s last abode.

·       17:00 Hrs. Return to hotel.

·       20:00 Hrs. Dinner in Reataurant.


 Day 4 – Monday, March 19

·       Half day tour “Akivi”: Departure from hotel at 10:00 hrs. Visits to Pau, Ahu Akivi and Ana Te Pahu.

·       Dolphin Connection meditation with Agustín Delfín.

·       Lunch at restaurant.

·       15:00 Hrs. Return to hotel.

·       Afternoon off.

·       20:00 Hrs. Dinner at restaurant.


Day 5 – Tuesday, March 20

·       Breakfast at Hotel.

·       Morning off.

·       13:00 hrs. Tunu, typical food in Anakena y afternoon in beach.

·       17:00 hrs Return at hotel.

·       20:00 hrs. Dinner at restaurant.

·       Astronomic tour: Departure at 21:30 hrs. Solstice meditation with Agustín Delfín in Ahu Huri A’ Arenga. Comovision, astronomy and the relation wigth de Rapa Nui’s culture.



Day 6, Wednesday, March 21

·       Sunrise in Ahu Tongariki: Departure at 06:00 hrs and breakfast in the place.

·       Spiral dance meditation with Agustín Delfín.

·       09:30 hrs. Return at hotel.

·       Day off (Lunch at the traveler’s expense).

·       20:00 hrs. Dinner at restaurant.



Day 7 – Thursday, March 22

·       Breakfast at hotel.

·       Navigation to the Motus and Snorkeling: Departure at 10:00 hrs.

·       Salutation to the water with Agustín Delfín.

·       Lunch at the restaurant.

·       Afternoon off.

·       20:00 hrs. Dinner at restaurant. Typical island dance show and farewell.



Day 8 – Friday, March 23

·       Breakfast at hotel.

·       Translate to airport, farewell with typical necklaces.


Fernando Icka – Rapa Nui

  • Original of Rapa Nui
  • Connoisseur of the Island’s history, it sacred places and local culture.
  • Council of Rapa Nui clan leaders’ member.
  • 20 years of experiencie guiding teams in Rapa Nui.


The Rapa Nui Island’s weather es very fresh during the entire year, subtropical with wrms temperatures and high humidity. The average annual temperature es around  68 F° with little variations between seasons that don’t usually exceed the 44 F°.

The summer extends from December 21 to March 21. Generally, the mos common rainfall are in the form of light and tropical showers that are distributed throughout the entire year.

The itinerary is flexible and will be open to any modification depends on the climatic conditions of the island.



It’s recommended comfortable clothes, light and informal besides waterproof, windbreaker, comfortable shoes (if it have thick sole and are water repellent), sunglasses, cap or hat, solar protector, swimwear, beach towel and sandals.


Chilean pesos, euro and american dollars. Also in some places they recieve Visa credit card, Mastercard, Dinner and American Express. The island has ATMs. It’s recommended carry cash.

The trip includes:

  • Local native guide from the island, spiritual guide and female musician therapist  speaker.
  • Meditations, ceremonies and spiritual adventure activities throughout the journey.
  • Tours with natives from the island in places that only they can access.
  • Private transport.
  • Excursions described in the itinerary.
  • Meals described in the itinerary.
  • 7 dinners, 7 breakfasts and 2 lunchs.
  • 7 nights in an great familiar ambient front of the sea in Tojica Hotel /  http://www.tojika.com/


  • Limited places, Plazas limitadas, therefore if you want to secure your quota we recommend

            you book as soon as possible.

  • Prices valid for a minimum of 12 passengers.
  • Before the trip remember verified your Visa requirements (in case if is neccesary) with

            your embassy/local consulate.

  • Payments of border tickets required to passports of certain nationalities are not included.
  • Air tickets to get to the starting point of the trip (Santiago) and leave from the final point

            (Santiago) are not included.

  • We can organize (optionally) your accommodation in Santiago and / or pre and post tours

            (San Pedro de Atacama, Wine Tours, etc).


Please keep in mind that due to logistical reasons, the capacity of the tour is limited and depends on the quotas and scheduled flights to Rapa Nui. Please, make sure to formalize your reservation with us as soon as possible in order to guarantee it.

* The airline that we will use within the tour can guarantee certain seat numbers only until certain dates.

Shared bedrooms.

We hope that all reservations based on double room use include two people but, in the case that you travel alone and are willing to share a room with another person, let us know your intention and we will do our best to connect you with another person also look for room sharing. This service is not guaranteed but we will do our best to help you.


Value USD$ 2.200

50% until February 26, 2018

100% until March 5, 2018

Once the reservation is confirmed, the details of the payment methods and the corresponding cancellation policies will be sent by email.